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Cherryvale, Kansas

The Cherryvale Daily News 1898

Cherryvale, Kansas was likely the last town most of the California Concert Company performed in. The town was prospering in 1898 with the discovery of natural gas and oil. Money was flowing and people wanted to be entertained Cherryvale! Performances were given at Carson's Opera House during the middle of the week. It is not known where Houdini stayed, but likely locations are the New Leland Hotel, Commercial Hotel or the Handley Hotel. Any information or photos regarding Houdini's stay in Cherryvale or of the opera house / hotels would be of great value to the book and research.

Houdini noted in his diary twice about shows in Cherryvale, good and bad comments. Considering the California Concert Company was nearly "busted" Bess & Houdini's emotions must have been a roller coaster!

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