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Coffeyville, Kansas

The Coffeyville Daily Journal 1898

When the California Concert Company came to Coffeyville, KS in 1898 the town had less than 5000 residents. Less than six years earlier the Dalton Gang was gunned down by townspeople. Houdini, his wife and the rest of the performers entertained the town at the Perkins Opera House for most of a week. I am not sure where the company stayed, but the Eldridge House Hotel is a possibility. For a relatively large town for the company to play at for close to a week, little information has been about their time in Coffeyville. As the newspaper snippet above indicates, their time in Kansas was just about to end on our low note. Any information or photos would be invaluable to my research and credited in the book.

During the early 1900s Houdini would write a story about being abducted and shot while in Coffeyville, KS in 1898! A purported x-ray image of Houdini's hand showing the bullet still lodged exists. Likely all a good bit of fiction.

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