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Wichita, Kansas

During the Thanksgiving week of November 1923, Harry Houdini performed at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas. His Wichita shows were part of a nearly year long tour of the Orpheum Theater's throughout the country. This tour showcased Houdini's most notable illusions while also crusading against fraudulent spirit mediums and Spiritualism in general.


While in Wichita Houdini would mystify audiences throughout the week. Possibly Houdini's most famous illusion, the Chinese Water Torture Cell was featured. The Wichita Orpheum Theater was and still is located at Broadway & 1st Street.

In addition to the shows at the Orpheum, Houdini stayed busy throughout the holiday week. His most notable public appearance was a publicity stunt in front of the Beacon building on Main St, just south of Douglas. Here Houdini invited the local police chief to put into a straight jacket. Once secured by the experienced officers he was then hoisted feet first multi-stores into the air in front of the Beacon building!  In front of thousands of people Houdini was wrangle free of the straight jacket while hanging from the building!

In addition to midair escapes that week Houdini ​kept busy promoting his show. He would be on Wichita's first radio station, then just over 1 year in existence! The employees of the Innes Company challenged Houdini to escape from a packing box they specially constructed for him. Various appearances around Wichita were also made. 



The newspaper article shown on this page is from the Wichita Beacon. The caption states the photo was taken as he reached the 3rd story of the Beacon building. The photo was actually NOT taken in Wichita unfortunately.

Do you have a photo of Houdini while in Wichita? If so it would be very valuable to my book research if it could be shared!  

If you have any photos, articles, memorabilia or general information about Houdini's visit to Wichita, KS, please contact me (Don Creekmore) at or call me direct at 316-371-1828. My goal is to document each day Houdini was in Wichita. This segment of the book will be a very important aspect of the book. Of course proper credit will be given in the book for all information shared.
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