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Paola, Kansas
The Miami Republican 1897

Paola, KS is the most northern point in Kansas Houdini and the California Concert Company went. Natural gas was discovered in Paola in 1882. This discovery resulted in Paola becoming the first town west of the Mississippi to utilize the gas for illumination throughout the town. Undoubtedly this had to have impressed the Houdini's while they stayed in Paola for almost a week. The California Concert Company performed at the Mallory Opera House.   I am not sure where they stayed while in Paola but it was possibility at the Reed Hotel, Paola Hotel, Commercial Hotel or Cottage Hotel.  Any information or photos regarding Houdini's stay in Paola or of the opera house / hotels would be of great value to the book and research. Credit for any information or photos will be given in the book.

Paola's town square is the location of a multiple stories about Houdini's time there. Today the town square is still intact and a wonderful place to visit! 

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