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Pittsburg, Kansas

The Pittsburg Daily Tribune 1897

Pittsburg, KS is likely the largest city the California Concert Company and the Houdini's played in. Pittsburg was a prospering coal mining town with over 10,000 people in 1897.  With the size of the city, multiple newspapers reported on the medicine show and Houdini himself. Houdini & Bess stayed at the St. James hotel and performed at the Pittsburg Opera House.  Any information or photos regarding Houdini's stay in Pittsburg or of the opera house / hotels would be of great value to the book and research. Credit for any information or photos will be given in the book.

During their late 1897 stay in Pittsburg, Houdini would hold a seance for the town. This performance and others while in Kansas would go on to haunt Houdini morally & ethically for the rest of his life.   

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