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Pleasanton, Kansas

The Pleasanton Observer Enterprise 1897

Pleasanton, KS is the site of one of the few larger Civil War battles in the state. This area was a hot bed of mining activity in the 1890s, resulting in why the California Concert Company medicine show came to town. During their time they performed at the Kincaid-Crocker Opera House. I believe they may have stayed at either the Commercial Hotel or Joy Hotel.  Any information or photos regarding Houdini's stay in Pleasanton or of the opera house / hotels would be of great value to the book and research. Credit for any information or photos will be given in the book.

During one performance in Pleasanton the county marshal handcuffed Houdini twice while on stage. At this point in Houdini's life he was not the famous escape artist he would later be known as. Regardless, Houdini escaped in a mater of seconds resulting in a stunned marshal!    

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