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The Research Continues

While the goal of having the book completed and published by November 2023 unfortunately will not happen, the goal of completing of the book is 100% going to happen. I am not a professional author (not yet). I have discovered that the amount of time and money that it takes to assemble the information required for a comprehensive book has taken a little longer than initially anticipated.

Do not despair, I am still collecting valuable information and visiting sites in Kansas where Houdini & Bess performed. The photo below was taken in October while I was in Galena, KS.

Galena is situated on Route 66. The town has reserved a nice piece of land right at Main & 7th Street to illustrate the town's history. Unknown to most visitors at the intersection is the fact Houdini performed at Sapps Opera House, where the Casey's convenience store is in the photo!

The colorized postcard image of Galena shows part of Sapps Opera House on the right.

The point of this "blog update" is to let you know I'm still working hard to get the book completed while also making sure I can provide the best imagery possible to give you the reader an authentic insight into what Houdini and the California Concert Company witnessed and the trials and tribulations they experienced while in Kansas in 1897-98.

My goal is to have the book ready for publication in 2024. Updates to follow! Don Creekmore

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